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5k Euro Oval Race Running Runner Temporary Tattoo Water Resistant Fake Body Art Set Collection (1 Sheet)

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  • FUN TATTOOS - Enjoy this fun sheet of temporary tattoos that can be applied on skin or used as a waterslide decal on a variety of surfaces. Temporary tattoos are great for party favors, events, costumes and dress-up, permanent tattoo testing or just for fun.

  • 2 SIZES AVAILABLE - The single sheet features either 54 1" or 15 2" temporary tattoos in the design shown. Each size references the longest side of the tattoo.

  • EASY TO APPLY - You can apply the tattoos in just a few easy steps.

  • WATERPROOF - Your temporary tattoo can last for several days, even after swimming or showering.

  • PRINTED IN THE USA - The temporary tattoos are designed and printed in our Sniggle Sloth California facility. Each sheet sold separately.